Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just married! ... Well, kind of.

I figured the two-month anniversary would be a good time to finally post about our wedding day. As you can tell, we have been quite busy moving in, organizing our home and keeping up with work.
As we look back on the best day of our lives it was ... well ... the best day of our lives! Everything was perfect in every way.
The night of May 6, all our friends and family got together at the Lafayette Park Hotel near the temple for a relaxing night before the ceremony the next day. I hear David had a wild (read this as 'good clean fun-filled') night out with his friends from the Bay Area while I hung out with the girls back at the hotel.

The next morning was filled with butterflies for me. But then I finally saw my husband-to-be and, well, the butterflies were still there but it was a little bit better.

Having our family and friends in that sealing room was the most incredible experience of my life so far. We are so lucky to be sealed for not only time but all eternity.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Stiffs we invited to the wedding

Me and the bro.

Andy and Matt ... which do you think is taller in real life?

The one on the left is David. Can you tell?! ;-)
Dad in Law and Aunt Brooks working their magic.

Sarah again - Here are the boys in all their cardboard glory. We have two brothers on missions and David's cousin, and pal, is reporting to the MTC TWO DAYS before we get married! Man. I have not seen Jesse's cardboard cutout yet, as it had some technical problems in original production ...
Jesse’s (David's cousin's) cutout got a little funny because the head of his cardboard “George W. Bush” body was turned one way and his photo we pasted onto the body was turned the other way. So we ended up doing a neck-ectomy on him. It failed and aunt Brooks chopped his head off.
We are still waiting to see that cardboard cutout in all its glory. Just one way we all feel closer to our wonderful missionary brothers ... and cousin.

David here, I told Sarah that her blog could use an update and she gave me a job. Anyways since her last post things are going well. We're only 4 days out now. Sarah went to the Temple on Saturday night and we had our last University Ward Sacrament meeting on Sunday. Bishop told us the night before that we would have to get up and bear our testimonies even though we were the last ones to speak in church. One fun thing we've done for the wedding is because Andrew and Brendan can't be here we made cardboard cut outs of them. They actually look pretty good and I'll let Sarah post some pictures later. Well, that's about it for this update!

Friday, April 9, 2010

28 days and counting

Time to update the blog again. So far, I am doing better with this one than my personal. Let's just hope I keep it up.
The days are going by, sometimes not quickly enough, as we get closer to the wedding day. There was a slight hiccup in the announcement sending process and we are still looking for about 20 envelopes that went out sans announcements. If you are one of the lucky people you win … you guessed it! A wedding announcement. Ha ha. I am glad I can laugh about this now. Please let us know if you did not get yours – we would love to see you on May 8.
I will be going to Sacramento tomorrow with my mom to pick up my temple dress. Woo hoo! We have also been asked to speak in sacrament meeting in the singles ward on April 18. We will also be teaching Sunday school that day, so if you would like tickets for the Sarah and Dave show … ;-)
Work continues to be crazy for me. I feel lucky to be where I am but some days the hours are longer than what I would prefer. Isn't that just how everyone feels though? However, I may be getting a more orthopedically pleasing desk chair in the next week! Ah, the little things.
We were able to catch a session of General Conference together … on the television this time. No crazy weekend road trips this time. It is also a little unfortunate that Dave and his uncle Mike didn't get in their inaugural conference weekend wakeboarding run. Those guys will be out on the lake before we know it, I'm sure.
David is working full-time on finding a job. We were so happy when the Census people called him back the other day and offered him some part time work. I am so blessed to be marrying such a hard working and diligent man.
We also move into our apartment in exactly one week! And by us, I mean David. :) We got a great deal and were very blessed to find the place we did. When Dave went to look, they said they had one place available that had just been remodeled. We are talking new everything, plus they were running a special. We signed the papers and got excited about our new place. Well, I guess that the woman who helped us was unaware that the brand new apartment wasn't included in the special pricing. However, when the landlady is away, the hired help will play. This wonderful woman went to bat for us and we are paying much less than we would have been. Thanks!
According to the local police departments, crime in the area is miniscule and it is much closer to Sparks, which is where I need to be. I cannot wait for the 10-minute commute to work!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


On a nice, bright Sunday afternoon, we were able to go take our engagement pictures! The announcements have been officially ordered, which is a huge load off my mind and they should be ready in the next week. We ended up designing them ourselves, which was fun, but a lot more work than I thought. It is hard to narrow down a decision when you can literally do whatever you want. I hope what shards of creativity I have shined through in them. There is no way I would have ever finished without David giving me his input. You may have all just received e-mail invitations if it were not for him ... be thankful :)

Gotta give a big thanks to Nathan Orme for taking the photos. He is a great friend and a wonderful photographer. Check out his work at

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Once upon a time ...

One day while on a church camping trip in the Yosemite woods, a girl offered to help a boy set up his tent. So began the story of Sarah and Dave.

A few weeks later, that boy called the girl and she naively talked his ear off for about an hour before he could get out that he wanted to take her on a date. Ops! That weekend they went to a beautiful dinner and then to a movie in the park.

Six months and a lot of laughter later, David took Sarah to San Francisco for a beautiful day out. They made sandwiches at a park, walked all over Pier 39 and Fisherman's Wharf and even across the Golden Gate Bridge! That night after a very nice dinner, Sarah thought they were on their way home. One fake-out exit later and David had taken Sarah to the Oakland Temple. There on the roof, overlooking the city, he asked her to be his bride.

On May 7, we will start our adventure together as a married couple when we are sealed for time and all eternity in the Oakland Temple. A reception will follow on May 8 in Reno. We are so excited to start our life together and look forward to great friends and family keeping in touch as we start our new story.